Monday, December 21, 2009

Stephen arrives, Big Mama turns 66, downtown Fernandina, whew, that's a lot!

Surprise addition to our fantastic trip! Stephen decided after watching the "rifleman's creed" video that he had to get back to his kids asap. That ended up happening a couple days ago. Eden, obviously was excited to see her Papa Bear, and Reeder got pretty jazzed also. Eden is so smitten with her father that it's crazy. I mean, she is OBSESSED with this guy!

I decided to take the Kappel kids on our own little cupcake walk and give the Irvin's some family time. Cupcakes are golf balls hidden off course. When we were little, Dad would give us 25 cents a ball. Shockingly, Matthew would take E and me out to the marshiest part of the plantation, send us with a plastic bag into the muck, watching, occasionally shouting "ALLIGATOR", watch us completely freak out, try to run back through the muck, laughing all the while. Nice. Anyway, I took our kids on a slightly less frightening version of this. Oh, and, of course, with Matthew, we would get back, put all the golf balls into the tub, wash 'em, and never see a dime. Hmmmm...
Happy Birthday Big Mama! The hot chick is 66! PS. Big Mama and Hayes have some sort of weird bond going. Notice that he is the only one not looking at the camera-but straight at his BEEM!
Santa came to Fernandina! And we were ready. The girls have been talking to their elf, Salmon Coodle, daily, explaining what they would like and that they have been good girls. Eden waited outside for the big man.
Reeder asked for a princess scooter, Eden for an umbrella. I'm serious.
They didn't like it quite so much...
Back to birthday shots. The girls made crowns for everyone while Big Mama and Papa went for massages (don't feel too sorry for E and me-we got them the next day).
And helped blow out the candles!
Isn't this kid adorable?
And I still get my snuggle time!
Ya know Big Mama and Hayes' connection, Leo's got one for the old man.
Pirates in Fernandina. This was Peg Leg and the girls loved him.
Just me being artsy fartsy, thought it was a cool stairwell.
From then on Reed needed a pic with every pirate we passed.
Arghhh, our pirate faces.
Check it out-a new driver, and a wreath! Classy touches to our van!


  1. the wreath is so festive! hope you had a safe trip home!

  2. I absolutely love, I mean really, really, really, love the pictures of the kids with Santa- the contrast between the "girls" and the "boys" is priceless.
    And then the Reeder and Mommy snuggle is so cute.
    Thanks for the blog. Grama Max