Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Burn baby burn

We've finally made it to the 407! I made some incredible friends during our "tour" here, and I was more than excited when a party was planned.

Here's the low down. One of my besties, Cha Cha, had reduction surgery this summer. To celebrate the new Jen (Cha Cha), we had a bra burning pary for her at Shannon's house. So we all got together, lit the fire and let the fun begin. E "casted" the circle with a little shout out to Jen. Then we all went around and gave Jen love from each of and told her how INCREDIBLE she looks from the inside out. She truly is amazing and I was so glad to have this awesome night with her.

The cast-Marshall, Jen R., Me, E, Shannon-front and center-Cha Cha!

The fire gettin' ready...

And before it gets burned we all had to try it on, of course! Doesn't E look fierce (Tyra would be soooo proud).

Shannon in her best goddess pose.

Jen showin' the goods!

Natalee posing for the paparazzi.

Yours truly, of course. I think we all have modeling potential...

And Marshall showing other options for what the bra could be used for...

One last time, let's get rid of it Cha Cha!

Burn baby burn!

Cheers Cha Cha-we LOVE you!


  1. I think maybe you guys are having way, way, way too much fun! I love it!

  2. nothing like a good bra burning!

  3. Great times! Thanks again you are the best friends ever!