Thursday, December 17, 2009


On the eve of the 16th, Marianne, Reeder, Shannon, Wyatt, Eden and I met my parents and the boys at Shades of Green - a military hotel on disney property. Staying there was a huge score - normally you need to reserve 7 months ahead of time but we got really lucky. Mickey was there to greet us all...Luckily the fun is not only at Disney - Shades of Green has a restuarant/arcade - brilliant! The kids played games (including tackle Leo). Eden really enjoyed the smash the spider game - she won a ton of tickets (possibly a game malfunction) that enabled us to purchase junky bracelets and rings as prizes.
Reeder has quite a future in the LPBA.

We were all up at the crack of dawn to make the 'magical hours' on the morning of the 17th. While some people visit Disney - we take Disney by storm using the unofficial guide - we follow it like the bible. Papa Jerry stands at the exit of every ride telling us where to go next - and we never have to wait in lines. The day was absolutely are the highlights.

The crew waiting for the bus to monorail to Magic Kingdom...

Papa Jerry is his usual post - not on a ride, but patiently waiting to direct us to our next destination...
Marianne, Eden, and Reeder enjoying the high flying Dumbo ride - our first of the day.
Wyatt loved the Dumbo ride but not Shannon - oh no, not Shannon (she has a thing with heights)
Big Mama and the 'Hugger' getting ready for an adventure...

Then on to Peter Pan's adventure - it was a little dark and scary for the girls although Reeder like the volcano....

Papa Jerry, Shannon, and I hanging in Disney - we even pretended to be enjoying our time together.
From the mommy perspective the 3D movie was unreal - the girls stood on their chairs trying to grab everything that flew towards us. Wyatt studied the mechanisms of his glasses and tried to discover the riddle of a 3D movie.
We all make assumptions about our children - Reeder is a little more hesitant and Eden the daredevil although many times on the trip they flipped roles and left us scratching our heads. Disney was one of those times - Reeder decreed that she wanted to ride Splash Mountain and Eden was more than happy to be deemed to short - and ride it she did. Her final analysis was that the hills were fun but the cave a little too dark!!!
Is map reading genetically inherited? We think so....
Reeder, Eden, Wyatt, Shannon, and I were standing outside our lunch spot when we heard the distinct sound of New Orleans Jazz - and I did what I never expected myself to do - I grabbed the children and ran full speed towards the music of Princess Tiana. Wyatt had no prior princess experience but now he wants to be a prince...and Eden and Reeder, well, they were in heaven watching Tiana sing and dance.
The greatest thing about staying at Shades of Green was that we went back to the hotel for naptime and returned to Disney with happy kids for evening activities. On the way back we took the ferry - quite possibly the kids' favorite ride.
Since Shannon lives in Florida she is completely unprepared for the freezing temperatures of Oralndo in December (mid-50s mind you) she proudly sported Papa Jerry's prized sweatshirt. And yes, Shannon does love Reagan.
And no trip to Disney is complete without purchasing gear - luckily Big Mama outfitted the girls' at the PX at Shades of Green thereby saving hundreds of dollars on fleece alone.
The big kids were tuckered out by the time Cinderalla's fairy godmother decorated her castle - so the mommies gave them lifts....
Snowing on Main Street - and Hayes is amazed!
On the ferry back to Shades of Green - take that Disney!!!!


  1. you all should write travel books for families! all the ways to save money and have fun! i love all the stories!

  2. Reeder is such a big, big girl! And what an adventure. Loved the story. And I think maybe Ferries might be my favorite ride as well...
    Grama Max